Jing Ting Staycation Package (for 2 persons)

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Customized Staycation Experience with 2 Days/1 Night Stay in Jing Ting, in the thousand year-old ancient town of Zhujiajiao

Original Price: RMB6206
 Promotional Price: RMB3800
Package Includes:
1、朱家角百年优秀历史建筑井亭民宿1晚,可选房型:亭玉/墨玉/玉兰庭;1 Night Stay in centuries-old historical Jing Ting BnB , Room Type: Ting Yu/ Mo Yu/ Yu Lan
2、井亭民宿双人下午茶;Afternoon Tea in Jing Ting for 2 pax
3、江南第一茶楼一楼江边河景双人定制晚餐;Seasonal Delicacies Dinner near the riverside on the 1st floor of the No.1 Tea House of Jiang Nan for 2 pax
4、江南第一茶楼一楼江边双人下午茶 ;Afternoon Tea near the riverside on the 1st floor of the No.1 Tea House of Jiang Nan for 2 pax
5、朱家角私家园林门票(2张);2 Tickets for Private Garden in Zhu Jia Jiao
6、江南第一茶楼一楼江边双人早餐(单次手摇船体验);Breakfast near the riverside on the 1st floor of the No.1 Tea House of Jiang Nan for 2 pax (one way boat-trip incuded_
7、入住和离店都含有手摇船体验;Boating transit at both Check-in and Check-out
8、井亭民宿双人下午茶 (可免费续茶点和茶) ;Afternoon tea in Jing Ting for 2 pax
9、朱家角第一风光拍摄点 (地点:江南第一茶楼2-3楼,体验时间:1小时,至少提前3天向管家预约);No.1 view for shooting in Zhujiajiao (Location: No.1 Tea House in Jiang nan, period: 1 hour, need reservation at least 3 days in advance
10、入住期间,可享井亭民宿内上百款茶畅饮 ;During the stay, can enjoy hundreds of types of free flow tea
11、入住期间,橙汁、苹果汁、可乐、雪碧、椰子水等5款随机软饮畅饮,可向管家索取;Free soft drinks (orange juice, apple juice, coke, sprite, coconut water, etc.)
12、入住期间,2款时令水果畅吃,可向管家索取;During the stay, you can enjoy free flow seasonal fruit, 
13、入住期间,上海矿泉水畅饮;During the stay, you can enjoy free flow mineral water 
14、每日17:00,可享当地特色铺夜床仪式(turn down service);Everyday at 17:00, you can enjoy the local special turn down service ceremony
15、入住期间,可预约民宿古建筑讲解;During the stay, you can book a tour guide for explaining the history of staycation architecture
16、入住期间,早上3:30-8:30可至江南第一茶楼体验当地不一样的“早茶”文化,与当地老爸爸们聊天,了解更多朱家角古镇民俗文化;During the stay, you can go to No.1 Tea house of jiang Nan to experience the unique morning tea culture from 3.30pm – 8.30am, chat with the old uncles there, get to know more about the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town Culture
17、入住期间,可享体验休闲活动,包含:弹弹棋、跳棋、围棋、象棋,扑克、家庭麻将等等,可以请管家安排;During the stay, you can partake in many leisure activities, such as: tantan chess, tiao chess, wei chess, xiang chess, poker, majiang, etc.
18、每日10:30-18:00,可享民宿内复古运动,包含:踢毽子、投壶、翻花绳、扔绣球等;Everyday from 10.30-18.00, you can enjoy the vintage sports such as Jian Zi, Tou hu, Fan Hua Sheng, Juan Qiu, etc.
19、入住期间,可至民宿二楼主人书房,体验书法临帖;During the stay, you can go to the library on the second floor of the BnB to experience Chinese traditional calligraphy
20、入住期间,可享茶艺师管家了解不同节气的专业饮茶知识;During the stay, you can learn from a tea professional about tea knowledge  

房间配备Room Accessories:
1、Aesop沐浴洗发套组;Aesop Shower Set
2、Aesop 护手套组;Aesop Hand Protection set
3、Aesop 空气香氛;Aesop Air Fresher
4、母婴免洗消毒洗手液;Infant hand washing liquid
5、REN 安神助眠喷雾;Ren An Shen Spray
6、PAD·智能灯光控制;Pad intelligent light control
7、DAMAH一次性洗脸巾;Damah one-time use face-washing towel
8、意大利真丝浴巾和加厚长绒浴巾;Italian Silk Shower Towels
9、IPSA 浴巾和面巾;IPSA Shower Towel and Face Towel
10、日本嘉娜宝洗面奶;Japan Jia Na Bao Face Wash
11、超细软毛宽头牙刷;Super soft tooth brush
12、日本皓乐齿Ora2 牙膏;Japan Hao Le Chi Ora2 Tooth paste
13、空调和地暖;Air conditioner and Floor heating 
14、中药睡枕;Chinese Medicine pillow
15、法国丝毯;French silk carpet
16、防疫口罩;Face Mask
17、居家拖鞋(可带走); Home slippers (can take outside the room)
18、高品质家居服;High quality living pyjamas
19、搓澡巾;Shower cleaning cloth
20、防蚊液;Mosquitoe Spray
21、充电宝;Power Bank
22、戴森吹风机;Dyson Blow Dry

Terms of Use
1. From Today Until October 31, 2021, (unavailable for holidays)
2. No refund for presale packages, must reserve on the booking platform in advance
3. Cannot combine with any other packages
4. Can be shared by 2 people
5. Extra charge for children - RMB656 per child
6. Dinner is a seasonal set meal, individual ordering is not permitted

Please Note: 

1. We Have No Refund Policy

2. Dinner Reservation Required At Least 1 day in Advance




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