May Holiday Food Tours

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5/1 OR 5/5 @ 3:30pm - Beyond Bulgogi: Shanghai's Koreatown Tour

Tour Description:Go beyond bulgogi on the first ever food tour of Shanghai’s Koreatown! As thesun sets, a local Korean guide will help transport you to the heart of Seoul.You’ll weave your way through the K-Town neighborhood, seeing Korean Street,the original K-Town building, the more modern side of the area, and pocha(night market tents), and dive into a range of restaurants, bars and shops.Explore some of the best-kept secrets and most enticing places to eat and drinkin this K-Town enclave – there’s so much more than bulgogi, bibimbap, andKorean fried chicken waiting to be discovered! Who needs a plane ticket when aworld of delicious Korean food and culture is hidden just a few metro stopsaway?


Price: RMB 595

Duration: 3:30pm-6:30pm



5/2 @ 9am - Street Eats Breakfast Tour

Tour Description:Some of Shanghai’s best food is found streetside in the morning hours. Explorea local market and taste the Chinese breakfast of champions with this streetfood tour through the beautiful former French Concession neighborhood. You’llmeet our trusted vendors selling classic local dishes, including theworld-famous jianbing (Chinese crepe), steaming baskets of the city’s finestsoup dumplings, freshly-pulled noodles, and much more.


Price: RMB 525

Duration: 9am-12pm



5/3 @ 10am - Hands-On Dumpling Delights

Tour Description:Are you obsessed with dumplings? On this food tour + cooking class, you’ll getoff the beaten path to sample regional varieties of dumplings, from streetsidestalls frying up potstickers to mom-and-pop shops serving boiled jiaozi fromChina’s frigid northeast. After eating your fill, you’ll learn how to make adim sum specialty from a Chinese chef.

While samplingfried, steamed and boiled dumplings (and a few extra surprises), you’ll makeyour way through the leafy former French Concession to admire art decoarchitecture and see how the Shanghainese live. You’ll make intricate Cantonesesteamed shrimp dim sum, and leave with a detailed recipe so you can impressyour friends and family with your newfound dumpling making skills after yourreturn home.


Price: RMB 595

Duration: 10am-1pm

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